If you have ever purchased a computer from an office supply store or superstore chain, chances are you have found out the hard way that it was a mistake. Very rarely can you expect the personnel at such a location to have the necessary skills and knowledge to

direct you toward the right computer for your needs. Let's face it, if the clerks that are typically hired in such an environment had these professional skills they would be working somewhere else making a lot more money. Many times I have found myself at a store like this to buy office supplies while overhearing the ramblings of such an employee giving totally false or at best, misleading information to a consumer due to very little if not improper training and a lack of product knowledge. Rather than admitting they didn't know enough to answer the question accurately, they went on and on giving seriously invalid information to the buyer. Hopefully you haven't been on the receiving end of this experience, but even if you haven't it happens so frequently that I bet you know someone who has. If you are a completely educated buyer who knows all there is to know about the computer you are buying from such a location then you might be able to purchase one and be happy after the sale but you would be in the minority.


Whether or not you are a computer expert, you can trust the professionals at ABC Internet to be able to answer all the questions you may have about computers and even more importantly to answer the questions you don't yet know to ask. We give FREE consultation advice to prospective buyers without any pressure to buy from us. At ABC Internet, our mission regarding computer sales is to arm you with the knowledge to make the right decision the first time regardless of who you buy it from.


Should I buy New, Used, or Refurbished


New Desktops -


Since we custom build a computer to meet your specific needs, we are able to make sure that all of your hard earned money gets spent on performance which is where it matters rather than flashy toys that don't. ABC Internet system integrators literally take each client on a case-by-case basis and evaluate current needs as well as identify potential future possibilites to ensure that the system being built will satisfy for as long as possible. After all, the longer you can go without buying another computer to 'keep up', the more money stays in your bank. This approach is almost the exact opposite of many of the major brand system sellers. These companies have moved to a disposable computer mentality where they sell under powered equipment with unnecessary limitations and proprietary hardware that adds up to expensive forced upgrades later. They get you in the door with a cheap price initially only to soak you later, and not much later at that. ABC Internet technicians repair all computers so we see every make and model at one time or another - enough to identify these common areas of deficiency such as underpowered power supplies, low RAM counts, weak 1 year warranties, garbage software packages that consume resources while adding NO real value, and more. Our new systems are warrantied for 3 full years from the date of purchase and that means parts AND labor including new upgrade components purchased and installed by ABC Internet. With a warranty like that, you KNOW WE STAND BY OUR PRODUCT!

Come by our storefront today for a FREE consultation with a trained professional who will assist you in making the right decision on a new custom computer.


Used/Refurbished Desktops -


ABC Internet purchases used computers only after they have passed a battery of tests and a 24 hour burn-in to make sure they are in 100% working order prior to sale. Since these systems are used, we cannot offer warranties on them and they are sold in AS-IS condition with no returns often for less than half what a new computer would cost. In many cases these used computers are not far from the current computers being sold today brand new in terms of specifications. This is one of the reasons that we take such care in determining the working state of the computer system before we buy them and offer them to you. Our technicians will set up the used/refurbished computer of interest at a desk in our store and allow you to work on it in-house for as long as you desire until you are satisfied that it is going to meet your needs. Buying a solid used computer is often all people need or want for a variety of reasons:


  • Parents want a second computer for the kids so they don't have to risk their own while sharing


  • Buyer doesn't need anything top of the line because they are only going to use it for internet surfing, emailing, and word processing


  • School students need an inexpensive computer to help get them through college or high school


  • Client wants a cheap public computer available to friends/family that stay over so they don't risk their private information or have to have people in more private areas of the house that the primary computer might reside


  • Backup computer to run a home or small business from in case the primary should fail at an inconvenient time


These are just some of the many reasons that a less expensive used computer can be a great choice for you. If you have need of one -



Call today to see what we can do for you.


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