Web Site Development


Whether you are looking for a basic, inexpensive site to sell a few products, display information, or want a complex site developed that streamlines your business with automation via a web interface, we can help. Our talented team of designers know how to create attractive, user-friendly web interfaces that appeal to your customers.


ABC Internet has the talent to expand your existing marketing and branding identity or take you in an entirely new direction. Often we aid in the development of the concept behind the web site as well as the finished product. Tap our knowledge of web marketing, server infrastructure requirements, and creative energy - that's what we are here for. Our experts can help you gain the advantages that come with smart design.


Predesigned Template Sites


Our predesigned template packages get you up and running fast without spending a lot of money. These low cost starter sites look great and can be chosen from hundreds of layouts and color schemes. If you want our design team to add your content we can do that for you as well. Please call one of our specialists for a quote today.


We even have sites that we can set up so you can update the content on your pages without risking damaging the more complex code of the backgrounds, menu systems, or specialized graphics and scripts. If you have a site that you want us to build but you want to maintain we can supply a tool to do it with for $99 and you can request customized hourly training if you have never used a web editing tool before.


Custom Web Sites


If you have an idea for your web site already and want a logo developed or implemented in the site that you want to tie into existing branding you already have, or advanced content, then a custom site by our professional design team is the right choice for you. Custom graphic interfaces, navigational systems, and even a logo to assist you in branding your products and services are the basics that come with every custom site. Beyond the basic customized header and menus, you may want to jazz up your site with some:


  • Flash animations to highlight a particular set of products or services.


  • Adding a bulletin board to your site so that users can interact with you or your moderators may bring clients back to your site further imprinting your company name, logo, or web presence in their minds


  • Perhaps you would like a time-saving email address listed on your site that autoresponds with your:
    1. terms and conditions of service
    2. answers to frequently asked questions
    3. time frame within which you will respond to customer inquiries,etc.


  • Customized Rollover buttons in menu bars and on pages can be fun and interactive which translates to a greater attention to your site making it more likely to stand out and get recommended to others


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly Flash or Javascript navigation systems like the one on this site make your web site beautiful without sacrificing the all-important goal of getting your site content indexed by the search engines


  • Specialized forms pages can be developed to:
    1. collect valuable information from your visitors about their interests or about what they would like to see on your web site
    2. to sign up for email marketing campains so you can stay in constant contact with those you have already done business with improving your sales volume at minimal expense
    3. deliver electronic documents automatically instead of wasting time on the phone, printing/mailing expenses, and time getting the information to people days later rather than now while they are most interested


  • Many sites can use technologies like this or this to assist in their content delivery while delivering an added 'wow' factor that reinforces the concepts displayed.




Shopping Cart Systems for E-Commerce Sites


Make your basic site an E-commerce site by adding this popular tool. If you need a shopping cart for you web site we have the ideal solution for you. Our advanced shopping cart is less than most basic carts at only $499 - and that includes the software to integrate it with your credit card processor of choice. This shopping cart system integrates with Microsoft Front Page or Macromedia Dreamweaver so you can take control of your own site. Here are some of the features you get:

  • Web Wizard
    Modify Settings via the Wizard Easier to modify the Cart settings without having to actually open any of the configuration files. You can re-run the wizard at any time to change basic Cart settings.
  • Payload Delivery
    Payload Delivery Provides the ability to set a URL to directly deliver a product from the receipt page. This can be secured independently by an external authentication software of your choice. Great for software, e-books or manuals.
  • Gift message
    Gift Message Provides the ability to provide gift message text to be placed in a card or other shipping documentation. Great for Gifts.
  • Disabled Shipping From The Checkout System
    Remove Shipping from Checkout With click of a button, you can remove the entire shipping section and related shipping questions from the Cart checkout process. Great for Service-based businesses where there is no shipping.
  • Disable Payment From The Checkout System
    Remove Payment from Checkout With a click of a button, you can remove the entire payment section and related payment questions from the SalesCart checkout process. Great for Free-based business options like brochures or internal processes.
  • Disable Tax Calculations From The Checkout System
    Checkout With a click of a button, you can remove the entire tax calculation section from the Cart checkout process. Great for wholesale businesses or tax-free businesses.
  • Multi-National/International Support
    Specify Currency from an easy drop-down list box Specify the International currency and separator defaults for the entire checkout system via a drop down box within the Wizard. 
  • Improved support for alternative checkout paths.
    Specify Checkout location without editing Specify the checkout path easily with the Wizard
  • Whole Order Discounting by % or absolute Amount
    Specify either a % discount or an absolute amount for whole order discounting Discount the whole order by a specific amount or an absolute amount.
  • Over 10 Different Shipping options Specify 10 different shipping computation
    Methods Support for Weight-based, Value-based, Volume-based, Quantity-based, Product Only-based, Whole Order-Based, and Free-based shipping methods. Some of these shipping options can be combined; for instance, product-based shipping can be used in conjunction with Weight-based shipping.
    • Shipping configuration Weight-Based
      Calculate product shipping options based on the total weight of the products ordered against table ranges.
    • Shipping configuration Value-Based
      Calculate product shipping options based on the total value or price of the products ordered against table ranges.
    • Shipping configuration Volume-Based
      Calculate product shipping options based on the total volume of the products ordered against table ranges.
    • Shipping configuration Quantity-Based
      Calculate product shipping options based on the total quantity of the products ordered against table ranges.
    • Shipping configuration Product Only-Based
      Calculate product shipping options based on the total product-by-product shipping costs specified for each product ONLY.
    • Shipping configuration Quantity-Based
      Calculate product shipping options based on the total quantity of the products ordered against table ranges.
    • Shipping configuration Whole Order-Based
      Calculate product shipping costs based on the total checkout amount of all products ordered and provide a single shipping cost as either a percentage of the total order or an absolute amount.
    • Shipping Based On Threshold
      Provide free shipping after a certain order threshold is reached. Identify and label this free shipping anything you want to.
    • Handling Fees
      Display a whole-order handling fee Provides the ability to differentiate shipping fees from handling fees during checkout.
    • Minimum Shipping Charges
      Require a minimum shipping charge for small orders Provides the ability to charge a minimum shipping charge and when shipping is less than some threshold, charge the minimum shipping.
    • Shipping Taxes Apply Taxes
      to shipping charges Provides the ability to tax shipping for states like Texas.
  • Three-tier Tax Support
    to products at 3 different levels Allows 3 different tax tiers to be established. Tax at the State or Province level, Tax at the Country/County level or apply a single tax percentage on a product-by-product basis for luxury items or to account for taxes imposed on a product-only basis.
  • Easy Tax Labeling
    Easily specify the tax labeling on basic 2-tier taxes Allows you to modify the tax labels between say “PST Taxes” to “County Taxes” for the whole Checkout system.
  • Configure Taxes against Bill-to or Ship-To.
    Easily toggle Tax calculations from the Ship-to address to the Bill-to address. Allows you to flip the normal shipping calculations normally based on the shipping address or who takes possession to the Bill-to address or Payer.
  • Whole Order Coupon Discounting
    Specify 5 different Whole Order Coupons with specific discounts Allows you to specify Coupon numbers and specific Discount which can be a percentage or an absolute amount. Upon checkout, your customer can specify a coupon # and receive either a % discount off the entire order or a flat-discount (like $5.00) off the entire order depending on your entry.
  • Item-by-Item Coupon Discounting
    Specify 4 different Item-by-Item Coupons with specific discounts Allows you to also specify Item-by-Item Coupon numbers and specific Discount which can be a percentage or an absolute amount depending on the number of these items ordered. Upon adding to the shopping cart, your customer can specify a coupon # and receive either a % discount off these items price or flat-discount (like $1.00) off these items price depending on your entry.
  • Unlimited number of Product Attributes
    Specify as many product options/attributes as you want on each product Allows you to specify modifies for products to account for attributes such as size (S,M,L,X) or color (Red, Blue, etc.). There is no limit to the number, style or type of modifiers.
  • Unlimited price increases
    Per each Product Option Specify as price change for each option/attribute selected Allows you to specify a price change for none, all or certain options/attributes. This price will modify the price if a particular attribute is selected. For example, with the product option/attribute "Size", you can allow these choices (S,M,L,X,XX) but increase the price by $1.00 for X and $5.00 for XX. You can only have unlimited price changes per attribute.
  • Improved Integration with Microsoft FrontPage & Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev / MX
    Integration with the most popular Design Tools.


Payment Solutions:

Once you have an e-commerce site developed you will need someone to process the credit card payments submitted on line. We can connect your website to any processor of your choice. We have listed a few of the credit card processors below:


 Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.



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