Why should you purchase laptops from a computer store that specializes in computers rather than an office supply or warehouse discount store? In a word - SERVICE. When you make the decision to purchase a laptop for your needs, the next question is most

often "how much will it cost?" The most important question to be able to answer first is "what do you plan on using it for?" If you go to a warehouse or office supply store, the clerks are often low wage employees without the proper knowledge to guide your buying decisions toward the correct choice. They are there to sell what is in stock which is not necessarily in line with your needs. Don't purchase a computer without first talking to a trained professional at ABC Internet. Our professionals have the skills to make sure that you purchase a laptop or other computer that will fit your needs, save money where possible, and guarantee a better user experience over the life of the machine.


Should I buy New, Used, or Refurbished


New Laptops -

typically come with a 1 year manufacturer parts warranty which can be extended to 2 years for $99. Since we custom order a laptop to meet your specific needs, we sell all major brands and even some custom built laptops. Stop by today for a FREE consultation with a trained professional representative who can assist you in making the best decision on a new laptop.


Used Laptops -

typically come with no warranty and are sold as-is, but you can come down and use them in-house until you are satisfied they work properly and will meet your needs. We only buy used laptops after they have been subjected to a battery of tests to make sure they are in full working order.


Refurbished Laptops -

are a great balance of price and security. As an authorized seller of refurbished laptops from different manufacturers, we often find ourselves recommending a refurbished unit over a new one. The cost savings can be substantial (sometimes in excess of 30%) and yet they still come with a 90 day warranty which can be extended to 2 years for $99. Many of these refurbished units are actually brand new, never used laptops. If a consumer orders a unit from the manufacturer but gets cold feet before they accept delivery, the order gets cancelled and the unit goes back to the manufacturer. Even though the box has never been opened, the manufacturer will put the shipped laptop into the refurbished laptop program and we can sell it for over 30% less. Due in part to the great savings, we have shipped more refurbished units than new and have not had to ship any of them back for repair. This is a testament to the fact that even the truly refurbished units are every bit as, if not more, solid as the new laptops.


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