Server Builds


The system integrators at ABC Internet have over 12 years experi

ence in building and customizing servers to meet the demands of companies both large and small. Our engineers have built the server infrastructure that has powered several data centers, internet service providers, and many businesses of all sizes. From simple domain controllers that offer greater security and centralized management for small businesses to web server powerhouses that provide hosting for thousands of customers. No server project is too large or too small for our staff.


Common Server Pitfalls


  • Proprietary Infrastructure - Many well-known large scale systems integrators build very proprietary platform servers in an effort to retain a 'captive audience' as far as technical support and system upgrades. Since these systems are so proprietary, the end user is often required to purchase far more expensive than average upgrade components because they cannot choose from mainstream lower cost hardware alternatives.


  • Limited expansion flexibility - The flexibility of their proprietary systems in terms of upgrading is often very limited since these builds often will not support new technology add-ons that would normally extend the usefulness

    and range of a given server.


  • Shortened life span - Since these servers cannot be upgraded to the same degree a completely open architecture server can, it results in a shortened life span of the system.


  • Lower ROI - A shortened life span to a server translates directly to a lower return on investment. Obviously servers cost more than basic desktops or workstations and hence we want to get the most from these investments. An inability to upgrade a server to maintain its usefulness over a longer period of time can make an inexpensive initial server purchase far more expensive over time. This is especially true when you consider that upgrading may often result in a great deal of IT staff time being expended to move applications and services that power essential business processes to a new server environment. Once you factor the cost of the manpower and potential loss in staff productivity during that server migration period, you can easily see how short-term money saved can translate into substantial long-term monetary losses.


How ABC Internet Servers avoid the pitfalls


ABC Internet uses only the most open, non-proprietary hardware components to ensure maximum flexibility and future expansion. By using mainstream, proven components from manufacturers that have excellent technical support, ABC Internet is able to ensure

that the servers built by our team will function well in all environments and that there is more than just a single source for technical support should issues arise. Since the servers that we build are open architecture it gives the end user the greatest possible range for sourcing server upgrades. You are not 'locked in' to buying components from ABCI for the life of the server. If you can find a more competitive price on a necessary upgrade and the server is already past the warranty period you are welcome to purchase from that source and save the money. Our goal is to provide servers that maximize your initial investment and minimize downtime due to upgrading, transitioning, repairing, and maintaining these critical systems. Most customers who have purchased servers from ABC Internet continue to purchase all their computer hardware needs through us for these reasons. If you have a server need or just need a FREE consultation to determine the needs of your organization, then call us today to set an appointment. Let us do for you what we have done for countless others - save you money and time!


Server Colocation


If you have a need to colocate your server in a managed environment we have facilities for that as well. Click here to learn more about it.



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