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  • ACCELERATED INTERNET - speeds up to 10 times faster even on broadband connections!
  • PARENTAL CONTROLS - Restrict access to dangerous or unwanted websites or set a "white list" of sites your family members are allowed to visit.
  • SPYWARE BLOCKERS - Stop spyware programs in their tracks and keep your machine clean and fast.
  • POP-UP AD BLOCKER - Stop annoying pop-up advertisements from interrupting you.
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Speeds ALL internet connections.......... Dial-up, Cable, DSL, etc.


How does it work?

Many people want to know how accelerated dial-up works and what the limitations are. The following explanation is as simplified as possible.

Caching Servers - First and foremost we use caching servers that help store the sites and information you use daily so that it is closer to you and therefore quicker to download. Using a wood pile analogy to demonstrate: if you have ever had a wood burning stove, chances are you had a wood pile out by the garage or in the basement. Your stove however was most likely on the main floor. Going up and down stairs or travelling out to the garage for each and every stick of wood would not have been very efficient. So chances are, you had a smaller storage bin closer to the fireplace for easy reach. Once a day or so you might need to go to the main wood pile to restock the local bin but it sure beat the alternative.

Caching servers work the same way the nearby wood bin did. By collecting web sites you frequent and storing them closer to you, it saves long trips out across the world wide web to get the same information. Short trips yeild the same result in much less time. The caching servers only need to change small amounts of data as web sites are updated so this process is similar to the once a day refilling of the local bin from the main stockpile. This far more efficient method of retrieval has a great impact on speeding up your connection even if you are already on high speed connections like DSL or cable.

DNS Proxies - Domain Name Servers are like the phone directories except the numbers they store are addresses to websites instead of phone numbers. Again, using a highly effective DNS caching system means that more addresses are local to you which translates to faster look ups and quicker downloads.

Advanced Compression Algorithms - By using some of the most advanced proprietary compression algorithms to date, our software accelerator can compress or 'squeeze' files to make them smaller than ever before so they are super fast to deliver without losing the quality of the images. Our Turbo Suite software gives you up to 5 different levels of compression control so you decide how fast you want to go and how much you want to 'squeeze' your website images.

Limitations - Is Turbo Suite guaranteed to make everything faster? Of course it can't compress images or files that are already "squeezed" to the maximum they can be, I.E. MP3 music files, program files, etc.


Is it worth it? YES!

Most ISPs charge an extra $5 or more per month just for basic accelerated services that at best go up to 6 X faster on a good day and ruin the graphics on a page to do it. Turbo Suite costs only $3 per month and offers a WHOLE LOT MORE...

They don't have all the features we have like active state anti-spyware, parental controls, or an ability to block flash animations, animated gifs, banners, as well as those annoying pop-up advertisements. Upon connection to the internet, our Turbo Suite software auto checks and automatically updates itself so you always have the best and most current protection with no maintenance headaches.

Active state anti-spyware - This portion of Turbo Suite is active on start up of your computer and it prevents unauthorized processes like spyware from taking control of your internet. Tens of thousands of people each year end up the fight of their lives over a long distance phone bill created by spyware running on their machines. These programs hijack your browser sending you places you don't want to go, slow your machine to a creawl, and even dial 900 hundred numbers without your knowledge or permission generating large long distance phone bills you have to fight over to get corrected. This portion of the Turbo Suite aids in preventing this type of activity by automatically responding to and blocking these programs from taking control of your computer.

Parental controls - The parental control portion of Turbo Suite can allow a parent or guardian to set a password restricted white list of places that people without the password CAN visit. They can only go to sites specified in the white list. This is perfect for the "wandering student" who can't seem to stay on task, or the family member that strays to places they shouldn't be. There is also a 'black list' option which works by listing sites that individuals who lack the password CAN'T go.

Blocking software - Top notch adware blocking is only part of the Turbo Suite capability. You can also set it to block flash animations, gif animations, and banner ads to maximize your connections and keep cumbersome graphics from slowing down your web experience.



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